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"Inarticulate people hold forth in a bar in a torrent of existential philosophy and metaphorical verbiage in John Patrick Shanley’s Savage In Limbo at the Alliance Theatre Lab. But if Shanley lets them go on way too long, it’s undeniable that this cast wrenches at the audience’s heart as they depict humanity’s fundamental yearning to change their lives and find “something better.”


Bill Hirschman,

Florida Theatre On Stage

"Copious laughter embraces Alliance Theatre Lab’s production of James McLure’s related one-act plays, Laundry & Bourbon and Lone Star. But snaking through the jovial landscape is a quiet mourning that the good times are irretrievably behind us in a changing world.​"


Bill Hirschman,

Florida Theatre On Stage

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Winner of the 2014 Silver Palm Award for Best Esemble

November 2014

Circle Mirror Transformation

by Annie Baker

2014/2015 season

June 2015

The Submission

by Jeff Talbott

March 2015


The Alliance Theatre 

Winner of the 2014 Silver Palm Award for 

Best Ensemble